Tamara Thompson Investigations

"I have known and worked with Tamara Thompson for years and have found that she never misses a deadline and when faced with a roadblock, she is quick to successfully improvise to reach the answer that is needed. Her thoroughness and quickness stand out in every assignment as does her ability to stay within a budget.  More than once, Tamara has provided a lead or an answer that has been invaluable for one of my projects."

Jim Drinkhall
Jim Drinkhall & Associates Inc.

"I cannot thank you enough for your work on my recent sexual harassment case, especially with only a few months left before trial.  Your work investigating police records was particularly helpful, and ultimately, evidence regarding the plaintiff filing a false police report was critical to the issue of credibility. I believe that your findings played a key role in helping us to settle the case favorably before trial."
Alyson Cabrera
Gordon & Rees LLP

"Imagination, expertise, results, easy to work with -- Tamara has it all. She's an expert on genealogy investigations and locating people. With little more then a name on a tombstone from 1820, she built a family tree of all descendants, and found the living family."

Stephen Levine
EMMY award winning Investigative Reporter and co-author of Paper Trails: A Guide to Public Records in California

"I engaged Tamara to locate the heirs of a gentleman who created a subdivision in 1906.  All we had to go on was his name and the location of the property. I first contacted a search firm that billed itself as “a worldwide leader in business intelligence and global investigation” but they were unable to turn up anything whatsoever. 

In relatively short order, Tamara was able to learn that the man was married twice and to identify his children, grandchildren and all heirs up to the present. I still find this rather amazing. "

Daniel P. McLoughlin
Attorney at Law

"I follow people for a living. I do it for attorneys, insurance companies, corporations, other investigators, suspicious spouses. It's an unpredictable job driven by adrenalin and riddled with maximum uncertainty. Success depends on obtaining as much background information about my subject as time and budget permit. Tamara Thompson has been an indispensable resource for what I do. She knows what to look for, where to find it and how it fits in to the bigger picture. Invariably, she will find one last piece to the puzzle that will turn out to be a case breaker. Tamara's instinct for research is simpatico with anyone conducting legitimate serious surveillance."

Tim Schmolder
Timeline Investigative Services

"Tamara Thompson is a top-notch investigator. She is fast, reliable, resourceful, smart and efficient. If there are results to be gotten, she gets them. What more could you want in an investigator?"

Michele McGill
Attorney at Law

"Having worked with Tamara several times, I am impressed by her professionalism, how responsive she is and how easy it is to work with her. But the most important metric of a good investigator is results - and Tamara gets results" 

Richard T. White
Chair, Litigation Group
Fitzgerald Abbott & Beardsley LL

"Tamara's responsiveness, savvy, and eye towards practical solutions have given me the tools to win better results for my clients in a number of cases."

Baldwin Lee
Senior Counsel
Allen Matkins Leck Gamble & Mallory LLP


"Tamara Thompson turns in substantial, useful results, on time and on budget. Very effective work."

Norton Tooby
Attorney at Law


"I was very pleased with the recent work you did investigating and researching the background of a real estate investment company.

I had some hesitancy about committing a large sum of money to a firm about which I knew little. I came to you with questions and you provided answers."

Mike Noce
Bay County Management

"I requested Tamara’s assistance in locating my client’s birth parents, who were forced to give my client up for adoption at the time of her birth due to their young age (both 16). The adoption records were sealed and the only information that we had were their dates of birth and a brief physical description of each parent. Therefore, it goes without saying that we had our work cut out for us.

Within 2 days, Tamara miraculously provided me with the names of both birth parents. In turn, I conducted a locate investigation and within 4 hours, my client and her natural father met each other for the very first time.

My thanks to Tamara for conducting some absolutely amazing work. Without her assistance, I may have never been able to solve this case. She is a pleasure to work with and truly an asset to this profession."

David Mancini
Mancini & Associates Investigations Inc.


"You took a case that had all of the markings of a failure and pointed me in the right direction. The information that you provided me was so unique and informative that I cannot imagine calling anyone else in the future. It appears that I've discovered a secret weapon. Thanks Tamara!"

Donovan Plant
The Johnson Group


"I want to thank you for the outstanding investigative work you have done for me on so many cases. The quality of your work has always been nothing short of outstanding. You displayed a tremendous ability to work well with cooperating witnesses, and to extract important information from witnesses who were hostile.

Most of all, I have always been impressed by how completely reliable you have been. Whenever you told me you would do something, you did, and always within the time allotted. You always returned my calls quickly and demonstrated a level of responsiveness that I have yet to find in any other investigator."

Michael Adams
Attorney at Law

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